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About me:

My name is Stephen Korsman, a Catholic interested defending his faith against the attacks of Adventism and other anti-Catholic religions.
You can read more about me at my bio page.

About this blog:
I try to keep this blog going with new information, comments on events, and posts on relevant insights into Adventism, Catholic issues, etc.  I have separate blogs for certain medical issues, various cults / fringe religions, and other non-religious non-medical matters - see the blog listing on my blog.  The static html website, unfortunately, has taken last place on the list of priorities, and updates will not be frequent.

Contact me:
You can contact me at here:
Please note: I do not have much time for responding.  The blog is my priority for time use when it comes to these issues.  I may take some time to respond; but I do get back to e-mail eventually.  Rude and/or aggressive and/or unpleasant e-mails may be posted on my blog at my discretion, with your e-mail address, so that interested parties can contact you directly.  I am not interested in such attitudes; kindly refrain from that sort of behaviour.

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