HIV treatment in a warzone

Taken from HIV treatment in a conflict setting: outcomes and experiences from Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo, by Heather Culbert et al in PLoS Medicine, 2007 May;4(5):e129
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Patient 1
Followed in the clinic since 2002, on ART since December 2003. Lives in Rwanda.

When the fighting started, I thought that it was the end of our lives. I had only treatment for three days and five days of security. I had interrupted my treatment for two days when another patient arrived with the treatments sent by MSF. I was afraid it was the end of my life because more than just the [lack] of medications, I was very sick and I had to be hospitalised with fever and vomiting. It is very important to have the treatment.

Patient 2
Followed in the clinic since May 2003, and on ART since December 2003.

I heard gun fire all through the night. When I had only five pills left I lost my appetite and felt desperate... but despite the uncertainty I continued to take my treatment at the correct hour... When I had only one pill left I had the courage to go out and seek some more treatment. I went to see [my] nurse [at her home] who informed me that she would be able to distribute ARVs; with that I had a month’s worth of treatment. If we have to give up this treatment we will return to how we were at the start, sick.

Sad, very sad.

Australian smut

Smut?  Australia?  Yes, they have smut in their sugarcane.  Particularly in the Bundaberg/Isis, Mackay, and Ingham districts in Queensland.

And no, it has nothing to do with sheep.

Pictures of this smut can be seen here and here.

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