Bullshit Bingo

These are a few of the crapspeak words/phrases that irritate me the most:

Learners - they are really pupils
Strategic - my arse (for Americans who don't speak English, "ass" refers to a donkey)
Value-added - like a tax
Quality - is a "quality item" of good or bad quality???
Service delivery - an excuse for bad service
Niche market - a market in a corner
Drill down - for oil???
Comprehensive - full of it
Project manager - he manages projects
Fixed-dose - I have never prescribed a variable-dose tablet!
Grass roots - where we find garbage, snails, and other crap
Culture - the culture of crapspeak is a niche market that adds value to strategic learners

Useful items to include in a game of Bullshit Bingo in your next meeting.

For those who don't know what Bullshit Bingo is, it's a form of Bingo where you have a card with words or phrases instead of numbers, and then wait for those words/phrases to be used in meetings or speeches.  When you hear them, you cross them off.  Once you have a full line (across, down, or diagonal) crossed off, you shout "Bullshit!" and you've won.

Here's an example of a Bullshit Bingo card:

You can make such cards (each person should get a slightly different card, so not everyone has the exact same words in the same positions) and distribute them at your next meeting.


Posted by stephen  
on November 19, 2008, 10:07 pm
Grass roots - suggested by Michele

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