Some random photos

I still need to get used to the new camera - it has nearly as many settings as my PC.  But here are some photos.

This is Walter Sisulu University, previously University of the Transkei (Unitra), by day and by night:

Walter Sisuli University by day
Walter Sisuli University by night

The hills seen from the townhouse I stay in:

The hills of Umtata

Umtata Dam after the rain, seen from where I stay:

Umtata dam

The driveway and garages in the place where my townhouse is:

Indalo View Flats

From my balcony looking onto the nearby nature reserve in a misty day:

Indalo View Flats

The Anglican Cathedral, which looks very much like a Catholic one from the outside.  I must still find the Catholic Cathedral here.

Anglican Cathedral, Umtata

Welcome to Umtata!