TB is NOT a virus!!!!!

Mycobacterium tuberculosis and related bacteria are bacteria, NOT viruses.

The following are also not viruses:
  • malaria
  • typhoid
  • tick bite fever
  • syphilis
  • gonorrhoea
  • cats and dogs
"More hospitals to treat TB virus" published on 14 March 2007 in The Mercury (a newspaper) should have a better headline.

Some snippets:

She acknowledged that the department had been grappling with the challenge posed by MDR TB and XDR TB.

I am sure they are ... it's quite a problem.  The local stats sound quite scary.

MDR TB and XDR TB result from the failure of patients to take their treatment as directed when diagnosed with tuberculosis.

Hmmm ... do they mean that MDR and XDR TB in a patient result from that patient's treatment failure?  MDR often yes, and I'm not an expert on the genetics (I'm a virologist, and TB is NOT a virus) but I think the jury is still out on XDR TB, and there is some evidence that XDR infections are usually caused by an XDR strain infecting the person.

"We are not satisfied with the budget allocation because of the high prevalence of HIV and TB in the province, and the move by the Treasury to reduce the allocation for revitalisation funds will impact negatively on infrastructure development," said Nkonyeni.

We definitely need more money to fight HIV and TB in this country.