Virological music

Virologists have good taste in music.  Άννα Βίσση, or Anna Vissi, is one of the most popular modern music artists amongst virologists in South Africa, and probably worldwide.  Those virologists who haven't heard her music should listen ASAP.  They'll be hooked.

Anna is a Cypriot Greek with an incredible voice.  She was born in 1957, so she turns 50 this year ... but she looks like she's in her 20's or 30's, at least in concert and on her CD covers and in her music videos.  Her husband, Nikos Karvelas, is 6 years older than she is, and he looks his age.

She took part in the Eurovision contest for the first time in 1980, and most recently in 2006 - her 2006 song was Everything, which was played a fair bit on the radio here in South Africa around the time of the contest.  The last time I looked it could be heard on her official site.  There are apparently music videos available on YouTube and MetaCafe.

Another Anna Vissi site worth visiting.  It has downloadable music and tour info.

Wikipedia has a detailed discography.

Dodeka (Δωδεκα) is one of her very popular songs ... it seems to be part of many of her concerts.  Listening to it explains why.  It means Midnight in English (dodeka = do + deka = 2+10).
Anna Vissi lyrics

Dodeka is one of the first Anna Vissi songs I heard back in high school.  You can scroll up and down with the various buttons on the flash thingie - the pause is on the right of the scrolling lyrics (from - move your mouse out of the scrolling lyrics to pause.